Molly our Vintage Ice Cream Van

About Molly.

Molly, our 1976 vintage ice cream van, was purchased in August 2016 and was in need of a lot of tender loving care which we were very happy to provide, supported by the skilled mechanics at Caburn Classics, Ringmer.

She is now in great condition mechanically and great fun to drive, despite her age, and is full of character. She can serve scooped ice creams at weddings, fetes, fairs, corporate events, sporting tournaments, proms, parties, food and music festivals, farmers markets, country fairs, and is available for TV and film.

There is no Mr Whippy option available which means we can operate without the engine running, the freezers run independently of the engine and silently but we may need access to a domestic power supply if required for an extended time, the van and extension cable are both PAT tested.

We are also happy to serve sorbets for those with a dairy intolerance and tubs for those who have a gluten intolerance.

Just give Pete a call on 07718 200970 until 9pm 7 days a week or email and I am sure we can accommodate your wishes.