Frequently Asked Questions.

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We hope this page will answer your questions and assist you in planning for your wedding, event or party, if there is anything that you still need to know please call Pete on 07718 200970 until 9pm 7 days a week.

We are hugely proud of our ice cream vans, “Molly” and “Rosie” and look forward to working with and for you and your families very soon.

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What can I hire Molly and Rosie for ?

We are happy to hire Molly or Rosie, individually or together, for wedding receptions, food and family festivals, corporate events, staff parties or incentives, school or village fetes, school proms, sports days and tournaments, farmer’s markets and country fairs, birthday parties, (both children and adult), carnivals, street parties, TV and film, in fact any event where you think a lovely retro vintage ice cream van would add a bit of fun to your event/party/wedding.

This list is not exhaustive and if your event does not appear please do get in contact with Pete on 07718 200970 as I am sure we can help but please be aware we have a minimum of 75 guests, otherwise the booking may not be viable for us to attend. Due to the age of the vans the distance we can travel is restricted to 20 to 25 miles from our base in Uckfield, but please get in touch to discus your needs as we can be flexible.

How much is it to hire Molly and Rosie ?

Every booking/event is different and often unique so it would be difficult to give an accurate price without knowing the full details but please see below our guide prices despite external pressures to do so we have not increased our prices since 2017 when we started trading.


As a rough guide, a wedding reception catering for 100 guests would be £395 for 2 hours unlimited scooped ice cream and sorbets with an extensive choice of flavours. This price can be adjusted both up and down depending on your requirements and the numbers attending. If you have over 100 wedding guests we would seek to add an additional £2 per head above the £395 price starting point. If you have below 100 wedding guests attending we would look to reduce the £395 figure by £2 per head.

As an example …. 120 wedding guests would be £435 and 80 wedding guests would be £355 for the 2 hour period.

If the number of guests attending is below 75, we will have to add a £95 attendance fee and reserve the right not to attend if the numbers are too low.

If you require Molly or Rosie for longer than 2 hours we will ask for an additional £75 per half an hour.

Don’t forget you have unlimited access to complimentary flakes, sprinkles.

A deposit of £100 secures Molly’s or Rosie’s attendance with the outstanding balance due 30 days before the wedding when the final numbers of guests are likely to be known and the final selection of flavours can be made.

If the vans are required after 8pm an additional charge of £95 will apply, if your venue is close to our base in Uckfield, East Sussex we can be flexible on timings but the charge may still apply.


We would be happy to come for the duration of your event, whether it is all weekend, day, or evening. ( our minimum attendance is 2 hours )

We would be happy to sell our ice creams and sorbets on a point of sale basis from £2.50 per scoop, or £3 when this will include flakes and sprinkles.

We can also supply sorbets, which are vegan and would cater for those who are dairy intolerant and cold soft drinks on request.

We also have access to vegan ice cream flavours.

We are also happy to discuss paying a fixed fee or a percentage of the takings to attend.

For school fetes and charity events we are happy to give back 10% of our takings to the Parent Teacher Association ( PTA ) and/or charity organiser. Payment to the PTA / charity is via BACS transfer in 24/48 hours after the event or by cash on the day if appropriate. (Subject to the numbers attending being high enough to make the offer)

We prefer contactless card payments but do take cash.

We would expect there to be a minimum number of 75 people attending your event/party. For a midweek booking, do get in touch as I am sure we can help and could attend for slightly less than 75 but sadly not at weekends.

Please be aware we reserve the right to decline if we consider that the event is not commercially viable for us to attend or that the weather is so bad there it is hazardous for us to attend.

Please call Pete on 07718 200970 to discuss you needs, I am sure we can help.

How long can I hire the van/s for ?

At a wedding we would be seeking to hire Molly or Rosie for a minimum of 2 hours, if they are required any longer a charge of £75 per half hour will apply.

If either van is required to stay after 8pm a charge of £95 will be applied, if your venue is close to our base in Halland, East Sussex we can be flexible but the charge will still apply. The reason for the additional charge is we have found that wedding guests are more interested in what the bar has to offer and this is a way to dissuade a late booking as we want you enjoy our services and get what you will have paid for.

At an event/party/festival we are happy to remain all evening, all day or for a weekend.

What do I get when I hire Molly and Rosie ?

Hiring Molly or Rosie is straight forward and we are happy to provide the following service.

Set up of the van at your choice of location however it has to have a solid dry and level surface/base, ideally 4 meter by 4 meters, for us to work from.

Your choice of different flavours scooped ice cream or sorbets provided by Downsview Farm, Ringmer.

One member of serving staff who will able to serve your guests unlimited ice cream, or two members of staff if the event is large enough and high numbers are expected.

Our ice creams and sorbets are served in either biscuit or waffle cones and biodegradable tubs, with wooden spoons, we do not use single use plastic spoons. We can cater with smaller portions for children. Complementary toppings (including flakes, sprinkles ). We will also provide a bin for waste. We will leave the site clean and clear of any rubbish.

On a technical level, Molly and Rosie come with a HSE and fire risk assessments, Molly and Rosie have first aid kits and Molly a fire extinguisher.

All staff have undertaken a food hygiene training and hold a valid Level 2 food hygiene certificate, and have a valid DBS certificates. In 2022 we re attained a 5* rating from the local Council for our training, procedures and cleanliness.

Molly and Rosie are PAT tested annually to allow them to be plugged into an external power supply.

We have 30 meter extension cables ( PAT tested) in each van and both a 3 pin domestic and 3 pin motor home ( 16 amp blue and round ) electrical connectors to allow us to connect to both a domestic supply and stand alone generators.

Molly draws 12 amps when running and 26 amps on start up. Rosie draws 5 amps when running and 20 amps on start up.

Have your ice cream vans got a food hygiene certificates ?

We treat food, vehicle and personal hygiene very seriously and are fully regulated by Wealden District Council and have secured a ” very good” 5* hygiene rating in 2022 for our cleanliness, procedures and staff training, on both vans.

All our staff have undergone and passed a Data and Barring Service check ( DBS ) and have no criminal records. You can be confident that we are able to attend events where children are present. We welcome photos of children in the van but would not publish any online.

The staff on duty have also taken and passed a food hygiene course.

The vans have current PAT test certificates as have the extension leads required to power the freezers.

We have undertaken full HSE and fire risk assessments. Molly has a fire extinguisher and first aid kit. All relevant certificates can be made available for inspection prior to the event via email or on the day if required as hard copies of all our compliance documents are kept in the vans.

We are fully compliant to trade publicly and private functions and have £10,000,000 public liability insurance in place to cover all eventualities.

Is there anything that Molly or Rosie can’t do ?

We know Molly and Rosie are lovely but they do have a few limitations. They are old ladies and whilst now mechanically sound, we are looking at not asking them to travel in excess of 20 to 25 miles miles from our base in Uckfield, East Sussex.

Depending on the ambient air temperature Molly may need a power supply, a normal domestic 13 amp socket or outdoor 16 amp supply is fine, we have a 30 meter extension cable which is PAT tested as is the van.

Again depending on the air temperature Rosie can supply ice cream all day without a power source.

We will also need a solid level base to work from ( 4 meters by 4 meters ideally)  we would, for instance, be reluctant to drive into a muddy field, but we can discuss options as and when they may occur.

Neither van serves Mr Whippy ice cream but delicious scooped flavours and sorbets sourced from a local farm.

How do I pay to hire Molly or Rosie

If you are wishing to hire Molly or Rosie for any event, party or wedding we require a £100 deposit which can be paid via a BACS transfer to secure your booking. We do not take payment over the telephone as the payee has to be present to complete the transaction.

We always acknowledge the safe transfer of any money. Any outstanding balance would be requested 30 days in advance of the date of the event or wedding and when final numbers should be known. If a cleared payment has not been received 7 days prior to any booking we reserve the right not to attend. In doing so we will consider you have breached our T&C’s and as such the deposit will be retained.

We will give you plenty of notice in writing of our intentions.

If we are at a village fete or community event where we sell direct to members of the public on an individual basis we ask that a debit card is used as a means of payment, we have a contactless card reader as a safe means of payment, where no card payment is possible we will accept cash. Cheque payment is accepted but only if there is no other alternative.

The upper limit for contactless payments has now been increased to £100 so that will allow for any large order should it be requited.


Do Molly and Rosie need a power source ?

Logistical information

The good news is neither van will have the need to have their engines running to serve ice cream so can be used inside buildings subject to relevant fire regulations. An onboard compressors will keep the ice cream at the correct temperature, but please see below for the power requirements for each van….


The van and 30 meter extension cable are both PAT tested but please be aware to serve you for any extended length of time we will need access to a normal domestic 240v 13amp power supply.

If a stand alone generator is the power source, it will need to manage a 26 amp draw on start-up and a running 12 amp usage, we have the blue “motor home” 16amp connectors on board at all times.


 The van and 30 meter extension cable are both PAT tested, it is unlikely we will need power if serving for a booking lasting less than 4 hours but if any longer we would need access to a domestic 240v 13 amp power source. 

If a stand alone generator is the power source, it will need it to manage a 20 amp draw on start-up with a running 5 amp usage. We have the blue “motor home” 16amp connectors on board at all times.

Please call Pete on 07718 200970 to discuss, we are happy to share all our compliance documents with any venue / person that requires to see them ahead of any booking or can provide them on the day as hard copies of the documents are kept in the van for inspection as and when required



The Ice Creams

How many ice creams can we have ?

At a wedding, during the 2 hour minimum hire period, there is a unlimited amount of ice cream or sorbets you can have.

At an event/party unless the full balance has been paid in full in advance the ice cream is sold on a price per unit basis, we sell from £2.50 per ice cream scoop or tub increasing to £3 with a flake and sprinkles.

We only use high quality biscuit and waffle cones and bio degradable tubs. We use only wooden spoons and are single use plastic free.

What flavours can I have ?

At a wedding you can have up to 8 flavours if you have under 100 guests; and up to 11 flavours if over 100 wedding guests  but we are quite flexible and remain happy to work with you to get just what you need. We often bring more than the requested flavours.

We would like to extend an invitation for you to come for a private tasting so you can choose the ice creams and sorbets ahead of your wedding or private party.

At a public event we are happy to bring a selection of flavours that we know will be popular.

When booking we often ask what the age ranges are of those attending as certain flavours are popular with different generations, i.e bubblegum for the primary school children, cookies and cream for secondary school aged pupils and rum and raisin for people of a certain age 🙂

Flavours available include Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Bubblegum, Salted caramel with caramel swirl, Rum and raisin, Honeycomb with honeycomb crunch, Coconut, Mint Choc Chip, Banoffee Pie, Lime with ginger, Blackberry, Lemon with lemon swirl, Cookies and cream.

We are delighted that we are also able to offer vegan oatmilk ice cream flavours of Chocolate, Vanilla, Mango/Coconut, Wild berry.

This list is not exhaustive and if there is an exotic flavour you love, please tell me, and I will do my best to source it for you.

It is difficult to source alcoholic flavoured ice creams as alcohol itself has a very low freezing point, so does’nt !

We also have access to a lovely selection of refreshing sorbets for those with diary intolerance’s  ….

Mango, Lemon, Passion fruit and Raspberry.

If you would like to substitute an ice cream flavour for a sorbet please let me know. Please do get in touch if you want to come and try some of our ice creams at a tasting session ( subject to availability )

Who supplies your ice cream and sorbets ?

Our only supplier is none other than the fabulous Downsview Farm, Ringmer.

The ice cream is made on the farm and from their friesian herd of cows which graze on their own local pastures and fields. There are no middle men, the ice cream is literally from the cow to the cone, after the fab staff have worked their magic in the dairy and added the delicious flavours. It is literally made 15 meters from where the cows are milked, the other side of the wall 🙂

It was where Sir Alan Sugar sent his “apprentices” to create a flavour a few series ago, please look at Downsview Farm’s Facebook page

Do you cater for people with food allergies ?

We treat food intolerance’s very seriously, each flavour available has no preservatives or colours and all ice creams are gluten free except the banoffee pie and cookies and cream flavours.

Please do get in contact if you have a food allergy and we can ensure you get the right flavour to cater for your dietary needs.

The ice creams are made with the milk and cream from Downsview Farms very own dairy herd, the cream is skimmed straight from the fresh milk and added to the ice cream, it is made 15 meters from where the cows are milked.

We are aware that some people may suffer from lactose, diary and sugar intolerance’s and we have the ingredients available for each flavour so you can see whats in the product before you buy/ taste.

The ice cream is made in a diary which also produces products that have traces of nuts but we have chosen not to offer any product that is nut based in the van. We also cater for vegan guests with our selection of vegan ice creams and sorbets.

The sorbet products are dairy free as is the vegan ice cream.

Please contact Pete on 07718 200970 to discuss any dietary requirements.

Disclaimer …. Downsview Farm, Ringmer, use a wide variety of ingredients in the making of their ice creams and sorbets. We know that some of you may have allergies and so would like you to be aware that we ( Indulgent Ice Creams ) cannot guarantee that any given products are completely free from ingredients to which you may be sensitive. Full allergen information is available on request.

By signing our booking form you accept these terms and conditions.


What areas do you cover ?

We are happy to attend any venue within a 20 to 25 mile radius of our base in Halland, just south of Uckfield, East Sussex. Geographically,  perhaps best described as, Battle to the east of the county, Tunbridge Wells to the north and Worthing to the west.

Please get in touch to discuss your requirements by accessing the “contact us” tab on the home page of the site as I am sure we can stretch the distance if the event is right.

What area do you need to work in ?

Both vans require a minimum of 6 x 4 metres to park and serve the ice creams, Molly needs access to a domestic 13 amp power supply. We do have a 30 meter extension cable. Both vans have a PAT certificate as do the extension cables. Because neither van does not need their engines to run to serve we can be booked for events/parties that are inside any building subject to fire regulations.

Any queue should not impede the free movement of other event or wedding guests.

If you require us to serve inside a premises, we require the door widths at your venue to be checked. We require an opening of at least 3 meters wide and 4 meters in height to allow for the van to fit through. It is your responsibility to tell us of any restrictions, and if the vehicle does not fit on arrival then full payment is still due.

Guests need to confirm any dietary requirements and/or allergens 4 weeks prior to the event. Whilst we have public and product liability insurance in place, we cannot be held responsible for any adverse reaction to any product purchased or consumed from Indulgent Ice creams, both during the event or after. Your chosen ice cream flavours will need to be confirmed to us 4 weeks prior to your event when the final balance is due.